What we do

Conferre SA was founded on 2001 by Mrs Lina Siamopoulou and has been operatiing in the field of Conference Tourism providing a wide range of services of all events from a small business meeting to a major congress.

Conferre SA will listen, examine and identify the needs of each event with the flexibility to propose creative solutions.

We think in generalities but we act in details.

Secretariat Support and Full Service Society Management

We are not just a supplier for our clients but we become their partner.

We have been working offering secretariat support to the administration of institutions, organizations and scientific societies in the framework of the organization of scientific events, meetings and congresses.

Our team can assist and support the secretariat needs of a society and serve as an information, coordination and expertise hub for its members,

Our team can work to support the activities of the Institution/organization/society and enhance the visibility of it managing all aspects, taking the society to the next level while allowing its members more time for their research.

Due to the large numbers of meetings and congresses we are able to provide cost effective services that are specifically tailored to meet society needs such us:

• Membership Marketing,
• Recruitment, & Retention
• Marketing & Advertising for Scientific Associations
• Meeting, Conference, & Event Management
• Publication Services
• Accounting & Financial Services
• Technology and IT Support

Our highly qualified staff can develop the society’s e-services with special features

• Look and Feel - With the help of modern design tools we create appealing, exclusive design. Our designs combine:
 A. Appealing and professional style
 B. Consistent overall layout
 C. Colors compatibility

• Usability - Irrespective of the website’s functional complexity we aim at keeping interfaces simple and easy-to-use. Aspects to ensure positive user experience:
 A. User friendly interface
 B. Task oriented workflow
 C. Accessibility standards

• cavConnect – a CMS (Content Management System) containing modules which are specialized developed to manage the organizations websites. Containing modules:
 A. EventManager. This module manage future and past events, categorize them by date or other custom category, allowing parameterized each event.
 B. Publications Manager. This module manage publications/scientific articles.
 C. Managing photo and video galleries by event or congress.

• Online services such as online registrations, online accommodation, online abstracts, newsletter registration